The Reason behind the vision of Continuum Health Care

It all began in Roundup, Montana. A small, close knit rural community made up of families and close friends. It was here that Dr. Khalifa learned what medicine should be. The training he had at Harvard was exceptional, but the lessons he learned in Roundup were invaluable. Roundup inspired a vision. People today want personalized medicine, the way it used to be. People want to be called by their name, not by a computer generated number. People want their doctors to be concerned about them and care for them as if they are family.

If you go to the hospital, you certainly want your doctor there with you. If you have to have surgery, you want your doctor there with you. If you need rehab, you want your doctor, who knows you and truly cares for you, directing and guiding the process. So why did Dr. Khalifa start Continuum Health Care? To provide personalized, small town style patient centered medicine in the heart of Johnson County. We are not a corporation. We are not bottom line driven. We are about you, the patient. This is who we are. This is what makes us tick. This is what motivates our heart.

Continuum Healthcare Providers

Dr. Ammar Khalifa

Internal Medicine

Dr. Nina Arakelova

Internal Medicine

Shannon Ortman